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As a business owner, you need to be focused on everything from accounting and finance to operations, marketing, and human resources. But spending too much time on bookkeeping, payroll administration, financial statements, or scrambling to meet tax-filing deadlines keeps you from focusing on innovations, sales, customer service, and growth opportunities.

In order to make important business decisions, you need the ability to make compelling predictions about your business’ financial future. This is why maintaining accurate and complete financial records to understand your financial position is critical. Faris CPA’s accounting and finance services helps you maintain accurate and complete financial records and make important financial projections. We provide you with the analytical tools to understand your financial position and achieve your business goals.

Faris CPA’s team of professional tax accountants in Toronto meets your business needs, whether you are just starting out or are an established, multimillion dollar business. Our entrepreneurial business services focus on privately-held and owner managed companies who want cost effective, innovative, and flexible financial solutions. Knowing that an entrepreneur’s objectives can be as diverse as their business, we match clients with professionals appropriate for every stage of their business.

Schedule an assessment about any accounting or tax matters. As an experienced, certified, licensed, and expert tax accounting firm we help our clients handle all tax and accounting issues. Give us a call today at 1 844 340 5771.

Sam Faris is a Toronto-based Chartered Professional Accountant who practices as an independent consultant on high-level Canadian tax matters and handles disputes with CRA. He has recently published an article a business magazine: HERE


Pro Tip


The Small Business Deduction gives businesses a tax deduction on the first $500,000 of income. This saves an eligible corporation around up to $50,000 in income taxes. There are a number of conditions that have to be met to be eligible for this deduction.