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Looking for an experienced Toronto CPA ? Faris CPA is a boutique, tax accounting firm (with offices in Toronto) committed to serving Canada's Business Community.

Our focus is on independent professionals, individual investors, and small to medium size businesses. We strive to provide our customers with only the highest quality of tax, financial, and accounting services and advice.

Additionally, our wide network of strategic partnerships with other professionals helps you succeed by supplementing our comprehensive services with those provided by our network of partners.

Audit & Accounting Services

A trusted and experienced auditor or accountant helps your business deal with the pressure of financial reporting, tax filing, and corporate governance matters.
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Tax Problems & Disputes

Tax problems and CRA disputes are stressful and come in many forms. Faris CPA can help you and your organization deal with tax matters efficiently and effectively.
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Industry Specific Services

Hiring a CPA Firm with both industry and business expertise is vital for a business faced with complex accounting and tax procedures.
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Industry Specific Services

Today’s financial services industry is confronted by new demands from investors and regulatory agencies, and these issues affect their entire business.

Financial Services

Financial services operate in highly competitive markets that require diverse and specialized accounting and tax solutions. Call Faris CPA for help.
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A CPA Firm with both industry and business expertise is of utmost importance for businesses ruled by complex accounting and tax procedures. Call Faris CPA for help.
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Private Client Services

High net-worth individuals and their families face specialized and unique challenges when protecting their personal and business wealth. Call Faris CPA for help.
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Tax Problems with the CRA?

Tax laws are complex and the CRA has great administrative powers. Avoid making mistakes that harm your case. We at Faris CPA will deal with the CRA for you, providing expert guidance and assistance.

what you need to know
Tax Audit by CRA
Buseiness Tax Concern
Unfiled tax return
Audit Assessment
Tax Debit
Tax Minimization Planning
wages or seize your Property
Tax Problem and Representation


Voluntary Disclosure Program

You can avoid fines, penalties, and criminal prosecution by reporting unreported Canadian or off-shore income. Call Faris CPA for help.



What triggers a GST/HST audit? Many audits arise from non-compliant returns, and as a result of the methods the CRA’s uses to select returns for audit.


Tax Audit by the CRA

If you have been unlucky enough to receive an assessment of a post-audit letter, then the audit process has already begun. Usually, you must answer the auditor’s letter within one month, and objections must typically be made within 90 days from the day you were assessed.


Are You A Business Owner With a Tax Concern

Do you have unfiled tax returns? We understand life can be busy, but under Canadian law it is illegal not to file or pay your taxes. We can keep you out of trouble with the CRA.


Unfiled Tax Returns

There are many things to consider when running a business. A concrete strategy for your taxes should be one of them. We can help you avoid expensive repercussions, give you a competitive, and keep you informed about the regulations that affect you.


Net Worth Audit Assessment

The net worth assessment audit method relies on the theory that when a taxpayer has income in a year, they can either invest it or spend it. When an auditor adds up all non-deductible expenditures to the taxpayer’s net-worth and compare the net-worth at the start and the end of the tax year, an increase in net-worth can be deemed taxable income.


Tax Debt You Can't Pay

Because the CRA has the benefit of special laws concerning unpaid taxes, owing money to them presents a different set of problems than owing money to an ordinary creditor.


Tax Minimization Planning

Tax avoidance is legal. Taxpayers in Canada have the right to plan their affairs in any legal way so as to reduce the amount of tax they pay. It is tax evasion that is illegal.


Can the CRA Garnish Your Wages or Seize Your Property?

The CRA’s power to collect taxes dwarf those of your other creditors. You have to be aware of the risks and be able to assert your rights.


Tax Problems & Representation

A tax audit can be a frightening experience. If you are audited by the CRA, you risk being found guilty of tax evasion.

Why Faris CPA?

With over 10 years experience, Faris CPA has helped countless businesses and hardworking individuals across Canada resolve their tax and accounting issues.


Don’t wonder whether you need help and what you need to do to solve your tax problems. Get clarity by contacting Faris CPA for a confidential assessment.

Tax laws are complicated and CRA procedures can be confusing. Our experienced team knows what to do and how to get things done.

Not getting expert advice will cost you more in the long run. Faris CPA offers expertise at competitive rates, along with payment plans that make sure you can afford the help you need.


Team Leader

What Clients Are Saying?

“I hired Sam Faris to fix my books and records and to amend corporate and personal tax returns for a 4 year period. When I was audited by CRA, I discovered that my old accountant was not competent and had made many errors. CRA honoured the amended returns filed by Sam. I even received a tax refund.”

  • C.B., Toronto

“I was assessed significant amounts by the CRA on a net-worth assessment. I started looking for a good accountant to challenge this for me. I was told that this needed someone with unique and strong accounting knowledge. A business partner referred me to Faris CPA. During Sam’s work on my file, he and his team made it clear that they were competent and efficient. Thanks to Sam’s help, I was successful. My original assessment of 94K was reduced to nothing.”

  • E.M., Ottawa

“I was referred to Sam by one of Canada’s top tax law firms, Rotfleisch and Samulovitch. I explained my tax issued with the CRA to Sam over the phone and he gave me free advice of what can be done to solve my problem. Based on the information Sam provided, I decided to hire him to deal with the matter. Sam and his team were hand on and on top of things. They gave me a prompt solution that worked for me and was accepted by the CRA. After this experience, I hired Sam to be a controller for my business. I didn’t want to worry about my accounting and tax issues again, and with Sam I know I don’t have to.”

  • W.K.Y., Manitoba

“I engaged Sam Faris and his team to help deal with my unreported offshore portfolio and income. Sam’s skillful submission got me full relief on penalties and interest, and the submission was approved as filed. The entire exercise was efficient and effective. Based on my dealings with Sam, I’ve decided to continue our relationship and have Sam prepare annual tax filings for myself and my wife.”

  • D.R., Toronto