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Sam Faris | Team Leader

Sam Faris is the President of Faris Chartered Professional Accountant Professional Corporation. He is a Licensed Public Accountant (LPA), Ontario and British Columbia and a member in good standing of the following associations:

  • Certified Professional Accountant in Ontario, CPA, CGA;
  • Certified Public Accountant in U.S.A., CPA (C.O.); and
  • Fellow Association of Certified Chartered Accountants in United Kingdom, FACCA (U.K.).

Sam began his career in 2003. He articled in a medium-sized downtown firm where he spent most of his career before founding his own practice.

Sam has a broad CPA accounting practice. He specializes in Canada Revenue Agency disputes, Voluntary Disclosures, CRA tax audits, GST/HST Audits, Net Worth Assessments, Unfair Assessments/Reassessments, Late Filing, Director’s Liability Assessments, Section 85 Rollovers, Wage Garnishees, Frozen Bank Accounts and Requirements to Pay. His CPA firm in Toronto also provides general accounting services including Bookkeeping, Corporate and Personal Tax Return preparation, Tax and Estate Planning, Audit Financial Statements, Review Engagements, Notice to Readers, Financial Statements, and Business Advisory Services.

He successful disputed and won numerous cases with CRA. For example, for one of the Net Worth Assessment audit cases, he was able to reduce the unreported income per the auditor’s report to nil. Another success story was he helped a client to recover $847,923 in HST refund that was previously disallowed by CRA.

Faris CPA has a variety of clients ranging from small owner-managed companies to large corporations. The range of industries include real estate, importing and distribution, retail, wholesale, construction, condo corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada, U.S. and U.K.


Sam is one of the most professional people I have dealt with. His dealings with CRA are amazing. No need to hire a Tax Lawyer to battle CRA, Sam is the one that fights for you, protects you and gets the job done. All at reasonable costs. Highly recommend him for any difficulties with Canada Revenue.

David Frattaroli