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CRA Tax Audit in Toronto

Are You Being Audited for Your Personal or Corporate Taxes?
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Are you at risk?
T4’d employees are usually not targeted by the CRA since their income is easy to verify. Small businesses are more likely to get audited because they have discretion in income reporting and expense claims.

Get Your Tax Problem Solved

  • Has the CRA audited you or your company?
    If an auditor is assessing you or if the CRA believes you have embellished your tax returns, you must understand and assert your rights. We can help you pay the taxes you owe and not the ones the CRA asks for.
  • Have you received an assessment or a post audit letter?
    If you have been unlucky enough to receive an assessment or a post-audit letter, then the CRA tax audit process has already begun. Usually, you must answer the auditor’s letter within one month and objections must typically be made within 90 days from the day you were assessed. Ignoring or missing these deadlines may have dire consequences and prevent you from proving the CRA wrong. Contact one of our audit professionals so we can help you understand and exert your rights.
  • Beware of waivers
    Usually, the CRA can only reassess you within 3 years after the initial assessment notice was delivered. Make sure to read everything the CRA gives you and don’t be fooled into signing a waiver. A waiver would allow the CRA to reassess you even after that limitation period has passed. We can help you understand your waiver of objection rights and choose the right course of action.
  • Other tips?
    Auditors are not your friends. If you tell them about your trip to Paris, they might just use this to tax you some more. If they smile and act friendly, it’s only so you’ll let your guard down and share unnecessary information they can use against you. Have a professional deal with the CRA on your behalf and don’t risk accidentally saying the wrong thing.

Success Story

“A recent referral that was introduced to us by another client needed help through a difficult CRA audit. As a result of the CRA audit, the client discovered that his accountant had made significant errors which resulted in the CRA disallowing their HST refund. After an intensive review of the proposal letter along with the income tax act, we were convinced that the client would win the case if their records were corrected and a different argument was submitted in reply to the proposal letter. However, the CRA auditor didn’t consider the new argument. We filed a Notice of Objection and we were able to recover the original refund and additional refund amounts that the original accountant had missed.”

Faris CPA’s clients rest confident that they will receive what they are entitled to from CRA and not pay a penny more than legally required.

M.W., BC – Client

”Sam’s team helped with my audit and cut my bill significantly. I saved thousands of dollars. Sam and his team were great.”

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Case Study

A new client of ours had been audited by the CRA. It was discovered that their previous accountant had made many errors and had made many adjustments to their tax records. This company needed someone who could fix their books, records and amend 3 years worth of personal and corporate tax returns.

Our firm took over the file and started working on their books from the beginning. Corrections were made throughout the company’s books and records. Corrections were also applied to 3 years worth of personal and corporate tax returns. These adjustments were submitted to the CRA and the results were very favourable for our client.

This client has continued to use our firm for handling their business and personal financial affairs.

“Sam is a solid character with high standards and ethics which make his firm excellent.”


“I was assessed significant amounts by the CRA on a net-worth assessment. Thanks to Sam’s help, I was successful. My original assessment of 94K was reduced to nothing.”

E.M., Ottawa