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CRA Tax Audit Committee


The CRA’s Audit Committee is part of the CRA’s Board of Management. It plays an important role in the supervision of the CRA’s work, and helps the Board of Management ensure that the CRA maintains high service standards. This is an independent body of persons that do not answer to the CRA and are not employed by the CRA.

The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the CRA’s accounting frameworks, as well as its financial and performance information, internal controls, risk tolerance, and the CRA’s compliance with all financial legislation. In short, the Audit Committee functions as the CFO of the CRA’s Board of Management.

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“After getting denied my GST/HST refunds, I needed a CPA who could get me my refund back. Sam Faris and his team came to my rescue. They got involved immediately, and made extensive submissions as to why CRA it was wrong. They agreed and released my funds with interest – approximately one million dollars.”

Ghaith Bazzi