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Private company owners and directors are under more pressure than ever. Financial reporting and corporate governance requirements have intensified in recent years. The new audit and accounting standards used are now more complex than ever.

According to data from Statistics Canada, the work of traditional accounting such as auditing, assurance, compilation, review, bookkeeping, and payroll, alongside taxation services such as tax preparation, planning, and consulting represents the vast majority of the work undertaken by firms in the accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services industries.

Faris CPA assists companies of all sizes in all industries with essential services. These services include day-to-day bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, and tax return filings. We can help you stay on top of your accounting, tax, and financial obligations so you can focus on your core business. We have the expertise to make these essential business services cost-effective, efficient, and personalized for your operations. We can also prepare meaningful analytics to provide you with important insights into your business.

We also examine and analyze the accounting and financial records of individuals to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards and legal requirements.

Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada, U.S. and U.K.


“I’m a successful entrepreneur but a terrible bookkeeper. I faced CRA tax audit some time ago and needed a competent Chartered Professional Accountant who is a tax expert that could get me out of it. I was skeptical at first but Faris CPA really proved me wrong by dealing with it. If you’ve got any tax troubles, I’d certainly tell you to go to Sam Faris.”

Ghaith Bazzi